Oskar Lenschow

Software Development


A site for the company Sjöverkstan, a Swedish company specializing in repairing and waterproofing awnings, caravan tents, boat canopies, and sails.

Warcraft Mountain

A hobby of mine is putting a few too many hours into World of Warcraft, and I've (sadly) wasted many days of my life playing this game. This has resulted in me having a hefty collection of available riding mounts, and I wanted a simple way to keep track of any player's collection.

WebGL Particles
Master's Thesis

In our master thesis at Chalmers, we explored the advantages (and disadvantages) of using WebGL 1.0 extensions to optimize a GPU accelerated particle system for the web. WebGL 1.0 was specifically chosen for backward compatibility.

Dig Dug Recreation

Recreating a classic arcade game was the final project of the course Game Engine Architecture at Chalmers. The game was created in a simple, custom built C++ game engine, and was meant to resemble the original game as closely as possible, with minor additions for some extra flare.

ACG Project

In the course Advanced Computer Graphics at Chalmers, we implemented all sorts of graphical concepts from different research papers, within a sandbox environment with a controllable car.

Bachelor's Thesis

While working as a TA for Real-Time Systems at Chalmers, we often discussed the uneccesary obstacles students faced when working with real-time C, so OTTO was born. It acts as both a real-time object-oriented language, as well as a precompiler.

Traffic Monitor

In the course aptly named "Project" at Chalmers, we were to choose a topic to work with as a final task before the bachelor project. Our group decided on a web application that visualized traffic predictions over Gothenburg, using AI. This project was done in collaboration with Cybercom.

Shape Arena

In our first proper project at Chalmers, we were tasked with creating a multiplayer game in Java. We opted for a recreation of the simple yet addictive game agar.io. It features mechanics fitting for an education-level game, while not being so simple as to become trivial to implement.

RGB Controller

In one of my earlier projects, I created a program in which you control an RGB LED strip connected to an Arduino, through a Java based UI. The program lets you decide on specific colors, amounts, animations etc, to display on the strip.


This game was born from an annual competition held by IT/NTI Gymnasiet in Gothenburg. It won the price for best programming project in 2016, and even though my working partner was responsible for most of the code, and I for the general design and graphics, this game kickstarted my developer journey.

Product Development

Lenschow Design

One of my favorite things to do is to design and build custom crafts and furniture. Lenschow Design is a collection of these builds, and a way for people to get in touch with me about collaborating or commisioning a piece.

CAD Models

As I have a great interest in design and general engineering, I spend a lot of my free time 3D modelling. Here you can find a select collection of my CAD projects on Thingiverse.

Aurora Desklight

Currently working on small desklight that can be controlled via direct rotary input. This project started many years ago, controlled via bluetooth+app. However, being tired of apps bloating up my phone, and wanting a lamp to just be a lamp, bluetooth input turned into physical input, with an Arduino controlling the effects.

Magnet Keyboard

A side project I have been working for a few years, whenever I have some time over, is a custom keyboard. The main idea behind it is using two magnets for the springback mechanism, together with a Hall effect sensor to activate the key.